Happy Saturday!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!! It’s been a fun day so far in our household 🙂 just wish my hubby was here to enjoy with us. 

Our day started out like every Saturday. We (the twins and I) got up, got dressed and went straight to Dunkin’ Donuts. We always listen to the Grateful Dead station on Iheartradio. Well mommy listens, the twins watch Curious George on their DVD players in the car. Normally we get our goodies and come straight home but I wanted to surprise the kids today with a pool. It’s so hot here in Florida and very HUMID. I hate always staying indoors. I ended up buying this pool from Walmart. 

Its perfect for us!!!! There are 2 separate pools, a slide and a sprinkler in one of the palm trees. The slide was a bit shorter than I anticipated but the sprinkler was much better. 

They definitely had ALOT of fun!!! Both are passed out now 🙂 

And with that I’m going to go sneak in a nap too. Check back later tonight for my next challenge card 🙂 

Rebecca xoxo


6 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!!!”

  1. I want something like that out back haha. I don’t think we can actually have pools like that..anyways looks like the twins had a fabulous time and got to cool off! I love it. I also like seeing what else you guys get into (:


    1. It was such a great purchase… the babies absolutely loved it. I wanted to play in it today but the boys played football for a few hours then we had errands to run. Maybe we’ll do something exciting next weekend. See if you can get a small pool for the fur babies.

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