Glitter Background!!

Good afternoon!!! Normally I don’t post during work but I’m taking a lunch away from my desk today. (OMG!) 

I wanted to share how I created the background for this card 🙂 

So last year I received some gorgeous shimmer paint sprays during a swap. Well I went to get more and they were all sold out!!! (I haven’t actually checked again…) instead I wanted to make my own!! 

These are the paints I used… they’re my cheap rock painting paints from Walmart. I also got the small bottles and glitter there. The bottles were down with the travel sized products. 

So you mix water and paint! That’s all 🙂 I did add a very very small amount of glitter to the dark purple which made the sprayer stick at first. 

After I sprayed the layers how I wanted them, I sprinkled some glitter on top while it dried. 

Soo pretty!!!!

Let me know what you think 🙂 

Rebecca xoxo


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