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My Julie Nutting Doll How To

Well my beautiful little girl decided she wanted to wake up and come in mommies bed but we’re trying to correct this problem. They’ve been doing it almost every night since my Grandmother passed in May. Since I’m up I’ll do the How To for the Julie Nutting doll stamp.

To do these I get all my supplies to gether because once I get going I really don’t want to stop… and of course when I started this one I forgot my pen glue and Xacto knife. 

Once you have all your supplies stamp your girl on all your paper. *Save paper and ink by only stamping what you need*

I always have 1 doll stamped that I glue all the pieces to. (Since I used my press, I just flipped my white carstock over and stamped it there too. Not shown.)

Now begins the fun part!!! I recently received a Silhouette Portrait from my sister but I haven’t played with it enough to be comfortable on having it do all the work for me. Eventually I’ll just let it do all cutting. For now, I fussy cut!!! 

Normally I cut and start gluing so I don’t lose any tiny pieces but for this I waited until everything was cut out. When I cut, I plan on leaving a slight edge on some pieces so I can have something to glue the other pieces to. (Hmm does that make sense?) For example, the red dress has a little extra where the white sleeves and trim would go. 

All cut out!!!! Now these really tested my fat fingers patience… Especially the hair. If your blade is new or freshly sharpened you shouldn’t have any issues. Mine of course needs to be replaced. 

What pieces you start to glue down depends on how you cut your pieces. For mine, I started with the skin (usually my first piece) then added the red dress, white trim, brown hair, red hat, white trim and ended with those white shoes. If you don’t have a glue pen, I believe I got mine at Walmart. I suggest them for tiny pieces. They’re super easy to control the glue and get those hard to reach places. 

Here she is freshly glued. If there are small openings like the space between her legs, before I stack and glue I will cut those out. 

I definitely wait until she’s completely dry before cutting her out again. I made that mistake once and almost had to start all over. 

Here is this beauty on my card: 

I adore her 🙂 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me! I would love to help, and if you have any projects with these beautiful Julie Nutting stamps, post them below!!! I’d love to see them all!!!

See you soon 🙂 

Rebecca xoxo


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