Encouragement – CAS01

Didn’t I mention I would be back VERY soon?? 

I was a very busy woman tonight!! My twins went to bed relatively early and my hubby put the game on in our room so I was left in Peace in the living room. 

I actually managed to make 4 cards tonight but two will be hidden until Sunday 🙂 Another card I made can be found here. 

I came across this beautiful challenge blog, Calling All Sistahs. For those of you who do not know, I found a lump in my left breast mid April. I’ve had an ultrasound done and went to meet with a breast cancer doctor today. Right now we believe it is a cyst and will watch it for the next six weeks to see what it does. Calling All Sistahs are raising awareness year round. Check out their about me page here

I am super excited to participate in their first encouragement challenge. The inspiration picture is just below. 

Now this is once again NOT the card I had in mind. I guess I should just stop trying to plan out my cards and let my mind go when I craft. 

I found this quote online and loved it. People are going through so many tough times now, it’s easy to feel scared or depressed. I love that this quote tells them they will get through this. I printed the quote on white cardstock and began the real “fun”.  And I say that because this almost ended up in the garbage. 

The background to this card started with a stencil. Well my lovely mini inks wouldn’t cooperate very well and the ink just sat on top of the stencil and I couldn’t really get into the pattern. 

While I was cleaning up the stencil with some cotton pads, I tried rubbing more ink on the stencil hoping that would give me the gorgeous pattern I was looking for. Needless to say that didn’t work either. I started to feel frustrated. I always see these beautiful cards with gorgeous patterns and really wanted to do it. After I removed the stencil I took a baby wipe and started dabbing the page. 

Now we were getting somewhere!!! **Once again crafting by horrible light = horrible pictures! I’m sorry!!!**

I kept dabbing the inks and paper hoping to salvage the paper before I got mad and threw it away. Once I felt it was decent enough I left it to dry and flattened it with my box of sequins. 

I am very very happy with the way it turned out. I believe adding the sequins really gave it just enough sparkle. 

Thank you for stopping by!!! 

Oh!!! I almost forgot!! I have officially posted my 10th blog post!! I’m so excited!!! Baby steps… right? 


3 thoughts on “Encouragement – CAS01”

  1. Rebecca, I am so glad you caught the lump early and had it checked out. I’m also glad the twins gave you some time to create this masterpiece. The sentiment is so encouraging, and your design is lovely. Thank you for joining us for our very first Calling All Sistahs encouragement challenge! I hope you will come back on the 18th to join in our next challenge!


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