Sunshine and Rainbows – Furry Friend

Hi!!!!! Tonight’s card was a 3 days process…. Only because it’s been crazy with the twins. I found this gorgeous background that I wanted to try and recreate it. I really wish I knew where it came from. If I find it soon I will update this and post it. Also, are horses and unicorns considered furry? I would consider them to be. I’ve really become obsessed with these Simon Says Stamp challenges!!!! I really can’t wait for the next one! 

Sunday night I started with the watercolored background. I didn’t get to finish it until Monday. 

I don’t have expensive watercolor pencils or paper… I bought them both on sale at Michaels. 

I used all shades of pink, purple, blue and added some gray, red and white. I took each one and colored down the page. 

Yesterday, Monday, I used a very damp sponge and started blending the colors. I did add more water as I went and finished with: 

This became the background for my card. 

For the actual card I used:

  • Watercolor background
  • Ink
  • Paper Smooches Spectrum
  • Paper cutter
  • Coordinating cardstock for Frame color
  • Stamp blocks
  • Sequins or confetti 
  • Liquid glue
  • Glue adhesive 
  • Scissors
  • Card base
  • Foam dimensionals
  • Tape (not pictured)
  • Plastic envelope for shaker pocket

After cutting the watercolor background to size (I used 3.75 x 5.25), I took the coordinating color and created a frame. I used a half inch around and then stamped it with the smaller cloud in the stamp set. 

Next I stamped the “Wishing you sunshines and rainbows” sentiment on the watercolor background. (I forgot to take a picture of this!!! Sorry!!) 

Create your shaker pocket and attach it to the back of the frame. See my last post if you don’t know how to create one. I used both glue and tape so make sure it would be secure. Attach the frame and shaker to the background with foam dimensionals. 

The final steps are to stamp and color the unicorn and attach that to the top of the card. 

Last minute I decided to add some extra embellishments to give it a little more pop. 

I hope you love this card as much as I do!!! 


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